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10 steps to Creating an affiliate datafeed driven website

Wordpress Datafeed Import Plugin Posting From URL Datafeed

This article describes the techniques I use to earn money (affiliate income) from datafeed driven websites in 10 simple steps. It is quite a long article as there is a lot of ground to cover, and even with this length there are things that we will simply skirt across and other things we will not …

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How to Boost Clicks with Superior Quality PPC Ads

Anyone can create a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement. Sites like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and 7 Search are just a few. In many cases these services attach a quality score to an Ad. This among other factors help decide positioning of the Ad. In order to increase the click rate of your advertisement, craft a …

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How To Create Highly Optimized Links Search Engines Love

Great search engine optimization is a very important goal for any website that lives on the traffic it generates. There are many factors when it comes to search engine optimization, one of them being correct usage of url links. An optimized link will help direct search engines to their correct destination while providing you with …

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How To Use Blog Commenting To Drive Incredible Traffic To Your Website

Everyday thousands of blogs appear on the net, giving each writer a voice and a platform for readers to share their opinions. The fundamental difference between a blog and a static website is the interaction. Blog commenting gives readers the ability to continue a topic of discussion while simultaneously promote their own links. Proper and …

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3 Powerful Ways To Drive Free Traffic Using Youtube

Youtube has now become one of the most used websites in the world, rivaling Google in terms of search traffic and website usage. But what does this mean for a website or business owner? One word: traffic. If traffic is the lifeblood of the internet, than more traffic to your website or ecommerce stores simply …

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