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Quality problems with Datafeeds

I do a great deal of Affiliate Datafeed marketing, indeed it takes up probably around 80% of my affiliate marketing activity. I am constantly finding problems and issues with datafeeds provided by some very big names, poor quality, incorrect formatting, invalid XML, poorly formatted CSV files, but my biggest issues I have with merchants is …

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10 steps to Creating an affiliate datafeed driven website

Wordpress Datafeed Import Plugin Posting From URL Datafeed

This article describes the techniques I use to earn money (affiliate income) from datafeed driven websites in 10 simple steps. It is quite a long article as there is a lot of ground to cover, and even with this length there are things that we will simply skirt across and other things we will not …

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Version 3.0 of the datafeed import plugin for wordpress coming soon

I will be launching a new version of the datafeed import plugin for wordpress in the next two weeks. I am really excited about this major new version of the plugin as it will bring some fantastic new features to the plugin. I am not going to reveal what those are for now, but keep …

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