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Quality problems with Datafeeds

I do a great deal of Affiliate Datafeed marketing, indeed it takes up probably around 80% of my affiliate marketing activity. I am constantly finding problems and issues with datafeeds provided by some very big names, poor quality, incorrect formatting, invalid XML, poorly formatted CSV files, but my biggest issues I have with merchants is …

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Discount Code for the Affiliate Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress

I am offering the readers of this site the chance to get a massive 20% discount on the datafeed Import Plugin For WordPress until the end of June. This tool has been built specifically for Affiliate marketers and allows you to rapidly develop affiliate sites. If you want to take up this offer to get …

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10 steps to Creating an affiliate datafeed driven website

Wordpress Datafeed Import Plugin Posting From URL Datafeed

This article describes the techniques I use to earn money (affiliate income) from datafeed driven websites in 10 simple steps. It is quite a long article as there is a lot of ground to cover, and even with this length there are things that we will simply skirt across and other things we will not …

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Datafeed Import Plugin For WordPress Live Demo Now Working

I have today managed to get the Live Demo for the datafeed import plugin for WordPress back up and running after a server failure which has meant it has been down for some time. You can now try the plugin on our Live Demo site. Please be aware that the demo site re-sets its self …

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Discount Codes for Datafeed Import and Amazon Import Plugins for WordPress

If you are looking for a great way to get an affiliate site off the ground quickly and easily, you can use the Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress and its sister plugin The Amazon Import Plugin for WordPress. They are both usually proced at £25 but if you use the discount code of ‘nov12′ until …

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Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress

In recent posts I have been referring to projects that I have been working on for the last few months. One of those projects is the Datafeed Import Plugin for wordpress. This is a plugin that I have developed myself out of a need that I have in my affiliate business. In Early 2009 I …

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Will Datafeed Quality Issues Kill Affiliate Marketing?

My latest project involves the use of datafeeds from a variety of merchants, these merchants are at the moment all selected from Trade Doubler simply for easy of formatting the datafeeds.   While working on this project have become very frustrated by the varying quality of the datafeeds from the merchants. It appears to me …

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Earning From Parked Domain Names

If you have been in the Internet business for as long as I have I am sure like me you will have built up a whole range of domain names that you have parked away. Some will have been bought for that brilliant idea you just haven’t got round to as yet, some will be …

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Affilistore v1.1 Pro – Automatically create store from a Datafeed

Some days a go I found (and i forget where… sorry) a blog post about the AffiliStore software, and thought that it was just the thing I was looking for. An out of the box package that creates a website from a Datafeed or any comma, or tab separated database and best of all Free! …

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