Google Definitions Search

I took some time this evening to analyze the keywords that people have been using to find this site and I was interested to note that Google has picked this site for definitions of several keywords.

For those of you that done know, in Google if you do a search for ‘Define: keyword’ rather than doing a search for that phrase it will look for definitions for the keyword that you entered.

I use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic and have been please to see that this site is being used for definitions for:

‘Banner Advert’
‘Data Feed’
‘Affiliate ID’
‘contextual link’
‘deep link’
‘banner advert’
‘cookie length’
‘affiliate link’
‘unique click’

These keywords or definitions have been found in a ‘Glossary of terms’ post I wrote early in the life of this blog.

The number of visitors coming to the site from those definitions is quite considerable and is making up over half of the search engine traffic to this site.

As this is something that you can not buy, or get onto yourself I am please that my site has been chosen as a source for the definitions of those words.

This is a great tip for anyone else who has a blog or any site, a little SEO tip, write a page with relevant definitions of keywords. Make sure that what you write is your own content and then monitor your stats to see if you get any hits on those keywords.