Google Rank Monitor Software Launched Version 0.1 Beta

I have packaged up the scripts that I have put together, modified and written that check an record the Google Ranking of a list of sites in a database. It then presents you with the results in a table view allowing you to monitor then changes occur. I have uploaded them and they are available now for Free download.

The script is not perfect, I know there are style issues in Firefox and there are probably better ways of doing things but I thought I would release it so that you can all try it out and see if it is of any use to you. Please do email me or post a comment and tell me what you think. If you have any ways to improve it please also let me know either with your ideas or with code improvements.

Future improvements

I do intend to do some more work on the software and the following enhancements would be nice if I can get the working.

  1. Highlight changes to ranking on the results view
  2. Send an email alert when there is a change
  3. CSS improvements
  4. Add Alexa and other ranking systems to the monitor tool
  5. Add a total page rank for all entered sites (useful as an overall performance monitor)

Please do let me know what you think and if you can offer any improvements or find any bugs ect. then please let me know.


Download the Free Google Page Rank Monitor Software

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  1. Digitalquill says:

    I have released a new version to correct an error in the addsite.php file.

    If you have already downloaded and setup the Google Rank Monitor software all you need to do is get the zip package again and replace the addsite.php file and all else will work as normal.

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